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About Algorand

What is the Algorand coin?

The Algorand coin is the cryptocurrency of the Algorand network. This is a decentralized network that is self-sufficient and supports a wide range of applications. These systems are secure, scalable and efficient. These are all essential properties needed for effective real-world applications. Algorand supports calculations that require reliable performance guarantees to create new forms of trust.The Algorand white paper was published in May 2017. The main Algorand coin network went live in June 2019. As of December 2020, the network was able to handle nearly 1 million transactions per day.

Algorand coin

Bitcoin and other blockchains have slow transaction times. The Algorand coin was invented in response to these slow transaction times with the aim of speeding up transactions and improving efficiency. Algorand is designed in such a way that there are very low transaction costs. In addition, Algorand also does not use mining (such as Bitcoin's energy-intensive process). The Algorand coin does not require any miners as it is based on a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol. The team of the Algorand coin is on a mission to break the barrier to prosperity. They want to achieve this by offering people access to decentralization through a simple design, which then leads to worldwide adoption.

Buy Algorand coin with iDEAL

The Algorand coin is one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. At Knaken you can easily buy the Algorand coin with iDEAL. If you already have a Knaken account, you can buy the Algorand coin with iDEAL via the dashboard in the portal.In addition to Algorand, Knaken.nl has a large portfolio of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Terra, Shiba Inu, Tether, Polkadot, Chainlink, Stellar Lumens, Tron, Uniswap, Dai, Bitcoin Cash, Aave and Cardano.

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  • What do I have to do to buy Algorand?

    Make sure you have an account with Knaken. You can register in the app or at the registration page. Then verify your personal data, and you are ready to buy Algorand.

    You can select Algorand in the app or web portal, choose an amount and immediately make the payment with, for example, a credit card.

  • Can I buy Algorand with credit card?

    Yes, at Knaken you can easily buy Algorand with, for example, iDEAL, credit card or Bancontact. Check all options on our fee page.

  • What do i have to pay to buy Algorand?

    You can find the current price of Algorand at the top of this page.

    At Knaken we believe it is important to be as transparent as possible to our customers about the costs that are charged. It is possible to look into the costs for every purchase or sale of Algorand.

    Take a look at our costs page for more info.

  • Is it safe to buy Algorand?

    At Knaken, safety comes first. For years we have ensured that you can not only buy crypto securely on our platform, but also store it.

  • Can i send Algorand to Knaken?

    Search for Algorand in the app or web portal and select “deposit” in options. Here you will see the deposit address where you can send the crypto. Make sure you deposit Algorand from a wallet address that has been verified with Knaken.

  • Can I withdraw Algorand from Knaken to my own wallet?

    Yes, search for Algorand in the app or web portal and select the withdrawal button in options. Please note that you can only withdraw Algorand to a verified wallet address.

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