'The course was amazing. I couldn’t have gather this information on the internet in such a short time. Thanks to the Knaken workshop, I finally understand crypto currency better!'

Aart Ekelmans
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Join our workshops and learn more about cryptos. We will talk about what cryptos are, the eco system and also discuss highly advanced trading tips.

Basic knowledge of Crypto

  • Explanation crypto, blockchain
  • When to buy and sell
  • Explanation (hot & cold) wallets
  • What is mining
  • Introduce an introduction to cryptocurrency

Trade cryptocurrencies

  • Introduction coins outside bitcoin
  • Explanation basic technical analysis and indicators
  • Purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies
  • Indicators
  • Act with a robot

Minus of cryptocurrencies

  • Deep dive and technical operation mining
  • Crypto pools, and choosing appropriate payment systems
  • Which mining equipment does to buy or not to buy
  • How can I calculate returns
  • Do's en Dont's

Interested in participating? Contact us via our contact page or call us.