€ 12,02

Cosmos (ATOM) Price in Euro

For those in Europe that want to buy ATOM, the price of Cosmos is at €12.31 for September 2022. While this is almost 69% down from the coin’s all-time high value, it’s still 1084% above the lowest evaluation of this token at €1.04.

The Cosmos ATOM has been on the market for about five years in some capacity, meaning there is a lot of history to this coin’s price over the years. For the most part, Cosmos sees its token rise and fall in price with the general crypto market sentiments, including cryptocurrency’s infamous volatility.

As an example, here are some of the price points over the last few years:

  • March 13th, 2020: €1.04
  • August 15th, 2020: €7.15
  • May 8th, 2021: €24.14
  • January 17th, 2022: €39.22
  • June 16th, 2022: €5.99

Basically, Cosmos does well when the crypto market sees positive attention and wanes in periods like now when the bear market is in effect.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction

For those who want to buy ATOM, Cosmos is hard to predict at the moment for two different reasons. First, the token is infinitely inflationary, meaning that the supply of the token will always trend the value of the ATOM down.

The inflation isn’t massive at the moment, thanks to the high TVL of locked ATOM, but that can change over time.

Plus, crypto markets are in a downward trend right now, with no clear sign of when things will pick back up. Still, it seems unlikely that Cosmos will touch its all-time low anytime soon, meaning it is in a good spot to grow in the future.

However, keeping an eye on Cosmos airdrops may help you stay updated with the price.

Looking to 2023, Cosmos could reach as high as $60 if the market recovers to its previous highs from November 2021.

What Is the Total Supply of Cosmos (ATOM)?

As of September 2022, there is 292,586,163 ATOM in circulation. The Cosmos network does not have a total supply cap like most other blockchain projects, meaning ATOM is infinitely inflationary by nature.

However, the rate of inflation depends on the amount of ATOM staked. Going above 66% of total ATOM staked causes an inflation rate of 7.11%, while a value less than this gives a 20% inflation rate.

How Does the Market Capitalization Compare to Traditional Markets?

Right now, Cosmos has a market capitalization of €3.95 billion. While this is a lot of money, it doesn’t compare well to the financial services out there. For example, JPMorgan Chase has a market cap of €336.1 billion, almost 100 times greater than Cosmos.

When you compare it to other tech companies, such as Apple or Google, the valuation of Cosmos feels small in the face of their €2.51 trillion or €1.42 trillion market caps, respectively. Cosmos has a market cap comparable to the sports clothing brand Under Armor, which has a market cap of €3.58 billion.

Still, given the economic and development potential that exists in Cosmos, there is a chance that its current market cap is far lower than it should be. The race to find the best interoperability solution in blockchain tech will be the key to finding that answer, though.

Is Cosmos (ATOM) a Good Investment?

If you want to buy ATOM, Cosmos has the potential to be a good investment in the long term. The project has support from plenty of foundations and investors and has been around through two crypto bear markets now. The infrastructure for the project is there, and new developments and updates come out regularly.

Still, nothing is certain in investing, let alone cryptocurrency. Sentiment can change if breaking news hits or a breakthrough comes out in the sector. Those possibilities are why doing your own research is critical when investing in this space.