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A pre-sale token is exclusively available at Knaken and therefore not yet available on the public market. Because of this, you cannot sell or withdraw the token. In the future, there will be costs associated with withdrawing this token to an external wallet. Please note that Knaken cannot guarantee that the coin will eventually be sold via Knaken. Pre-sales are a method that allows the customer to be involved in a project before the general public.

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It may come as no surprise that Dutch DJ’s have been among the world’s very best for more than 3 decades. Something that’s possibly not as obvious is the fact that many dance events and festivals started out in the Benelux. Dutch companies have been coming up with, developing and organising the most mesmerising events since the early start of “house music” in the late 80s. As a result, they have been at the cradle of an enormous creative and flourishing industry. Unfortunately, no industry has been hit harder by the Covid-19 pandemic than the culture sector in general and the events sector in particular. To help and support the latter (financially), the EDM DanceCoin (EDMC) has been launched.

What is EDM DanceCoin?

EDM DanceCoin (EDMC) is a utility fantoken built by EDM lovers for EDM lovers. The tokens are housed in a Dutch Foundation that organises and manages the fundraising. The foundation also provides sponsorship and financial support for various festivals and projects.

Register through our site and automatically become a premium member. All premium members are personally informed about the projects, enjoy many fan benefits and in the near future even Get a say in the future activities of the EDM DanceCoin.

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It is possible for interested parties to join this Dutch Crypto Crowdfund project very early and for a fixed low price.

Learn more about the EDM DanceCoin and the token sale at www.edmdancecoin.org