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From the beginning of the blockchain technology and the blockchain industry, this technology and industry has been a source of controversy due to the wasteful consumption of power and the resulting e-waste.

The CO2 emissions together with other shortcomings prevent this industry and technology from being a viable alternative to the current centralized systems.


The token GRN (GRN is pronounced Green) and the sustainable blockchain GRN Grid was introduced at the initiative of GRNBi B.V. to tackle the environmental polluting problems.

GRN (G) is the "native" token of GRN Grid and serves multiple use cases, including staking, fee payment and validator incentives. GRN can also be used as a method of paying for (energy related) services provided by some of the Project partners.


By using the unique Proof of Stake v2 methodology (algorithm), GRN Grid is an energy-efficient, high-quality and low cost smart chain, which actively supports decentralization and safety.

Grid will mainly focus on:

  1. Setting up a framework for creative business solutions
  2. Creating user-friendliness for the consumer
  3. The implementation and development of WEB3.0 applications
  4. Sustainability of the blockchain

Grid is the first smart chain to be built with the ability to run entirely on renewable energy sources.

GRN works worldwide with partners from the renewable mining and hosting industry. GRN Energy (a product of GRNBi BV) is one of the most important project partners with a large global network that has shown interest and will kick-off running Grid validator nodes. These unique partnerships will not only ensure the stability of the network, but also make Grid a truly expensive network from the start.

In addition to sustainability, Grid also includes several important features, such as an integrated payment and escrow system, swapping pools and encrypted chat between users. Grid validator nodes are decentralized and available to everyone.

From GRN Association

The GRN Association is a (non-profit) initiative of GRNBi B.V. and is established to improve the sustainability of blockchain technology and the decentralization of the project.