Sell and trade cryptocurrencies

If you are an authenticated user, you can convert your coins into euros at any time of the day and have them paid out. Every day payments are made to bank accounts in Europe.

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How can you sell your coins?

You can enter a sell order at any time in our control panel. Your coins will be converted into euros for the current price. After this you can withdraw the euros or buy other coins.

Price based on current rate

Sell ​​your coins for the current price? At Knaken you can buy and sell digital currency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at current prices.

Secure system

To ensure that everything is safe via our site, Knaken works with a well-secured multi-layer system. We work with encrypted offline wallets and pay you through the bank after a transaction. By investing time every day in checks and optimization of our compliance and cyber security measures, we protect our system.

Can you invest in cryptocurrency?

The volatility of the cryptocurrency, or the volatility of the price, makes the currency both risky and attractive for investors. On the one hand, you run the risk of losing money when the value of the cryptocurrency, or the digital currency, decreases. On the other hand, of course, an increase in value means that you earn a lot of money.

Sell ​​various cryptocurrencies

At Knaken you can trade other digital currencies besides bitcoins. Unfortunately, due to all future regulations, we do not accept selling currencies that were not purchased at Knaken.

I have another question...

Our support team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. We are difficult to reach on Saturday and Sunday.