Add external wallet or exchange address

When you buy crypto at Knaken, it means that you really get the crypto in your Knaken wallet. We therefore offer our customers the option to withdraw and deposit crypto.

Because we are regulated by De Nederlandsche Bank, it is necessary to verify the external wallet to which you send or want to withdraw crypto. You must demonstrate that you manage the external wallet yourself. It may be an exchange wallet (custodial) or a private wallet  (e.g. Trust Wallet, Ledger or Metamask) in-house. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions about this.

  1. Open the Knaken app and go to settings via the settings icon at the top right. Scroll down and select External wallets.
  2. In the top field, enter the coin you want to send or deposit. Copy the public key (address) of your external wallet and paste it in the second field. Knaken then ensures that the correct network is selected and that the wallet can also be used to send or withdraw other coins in the future.
  3. Select "verify now" at the added address and then choose whether you want to upload a screenshot or take a photo. You have to do this twice.

Note: Both images must be created in the exchange or the wallet and not an image from the blockchain explorer.

  • The wallet address should be visible on the first image. It should be clear which exchange/wallet software you use. The address bar must be visible if you use a browser.
  • The second image should show the transaction history. This is sometimes not possible with an exchange wallet, you can then use the same image as the first.

You have now completed the steps. We will check whether the documents are sufficient, and you will receive a confirmation when the external wallet has been added!

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