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This coin is available on a Decentralized Exchange, where it can be exchanged for Wrapped Ethereum. The price fluctuates based on supply, demand and the connection with Ethereum. SocialBlox offers this coin via the Knaken platform at the current market price. With this, Knaken makes it easy to buy SBLX. Selling this coin is not possible. However, Knaken currently offers free crypto withdrawals for SBLX with which someone can decide to sell the coin themselves via the Decentralized Exchange.

Please note that Knaken cannot guarantee that the coin will eventually be sellable via Knaken. Knaken offers this coin for people who closely follow the project, do not want to sell the coin in the near future and want to easily get into this project. Do your own research on this coin before buying SBLX.

Social media has become an integral part of the daily life form many of the world's population. A relatively new Dutch blockchain company has big plans to completely overhaul this influential world of social media.

What is SocialBlox?

SocialBlox is a new Dutch blockchain start-up. It is a company that describes itself as a “privacy first, all-in one” social media platform that makes extensive use of blockchain technology to unleash a true revolution in social media.

One of the biggest problems with many current social media platforms is user privacy. Such social media platforms often earn a lot of money by selling user data to the highest bidder. However, SocialBlox takes a different path. Here the user will no longer be the product. Instead, the privacy of the user is central. No user data will be sold to third parties. This is unique in the current social media climate. In addition, SocialBlox users can even choose not to receive advertisements or other pop-ups. However, there is also the choice to accept this and for this users will receive a reward in the form of SBLX tokens! The user experience is central to SocialBlox. Due to the unique business operations of SocialBlox and the major problems surrounding the traditional social media sector, SocialBlox is able to make a unique contribution. Of course, all this is made possible by the implementation of the unique blockchain technology. Behind the scenes, the SocialBlox team works intensively to make this ambitious goal a reality. For example, SocialBlox recently became the main sponsor of FC Emmen and SocialBlox was present at major blockchain expos in Dubai, London and Amsterdam.

How does SocialBlox work?

One of the key points of the SocialBlox social media platform are the so-called 'challenges'. By using smart contracts, users can challenge other users in a fun way. By participating in such challenges, users can earn SBLX tokens. A good example of such a challenge is challenging someone to win a game of FIFA. Should the person who accepted the challenge actually win a game of FIFA, he or she will receive a pre-agreed amount of tokens as a reward. If the challenge is completed, the SocialBlox community will act as a jury. They determine whether the challenge has actually been successfully completed and that there was no cheating or other disqualifying factors. If a majority approves the challenge, the winner will receive his or her tokens. SocialBlox will also have a so-called 'reversed marketplace'. Here, instead of listing something for sale, as in a traditional online marketplace, users can appeal to the community that they are looking for a particular good. This ensures that time no longer has to be wasted endlessly searching for the specific good of your choice. Of course, a blockchain social media platform is not complete without an NFT marketplace. SocialBlox will also allow users to trade NFTs, or even create your own NFTs. The management of the platform is done by the SocialBlox community itself. Through transparent voting rounds, users can participate in decision-making about the future of the platform. The SocialBlox community is therefore central.

Buy SocialBlox with iDEAL

It is possible for interested parties to join the Dutch blockchain project extremely early and for a relatively low price. Registering for the token sale is a piece of cake. The opportunity to participate in the social media revolution is there for the taking. More information about SocialBlox and the token sale can be found on the website.